The next phase of the Consumer Duty

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The FCA wants Financial Services firms to permanently embed the Consumer Duty, not just to comply with July's deadline.

It's time to turn obligation into opportunity, by truly embracing qualitative research and user-centred design.

Work with us to:

Illustration of customer - listen better to customers

1. Listen better to customers

Fill the blindspots left by quantitative data, by integrating qualitative research into your design and delivery process

  • Check whether consumers really understand their options
  • Understand the hidden needs of your target audience
  • Identify unforeseen risks of harm among vulnerable consumers

From the blog: Why quantitative data is essential but not enough

Illustration of customer - Improve outcomes sooner

2. Improve outcomes sooner

Stop shooting into the dark – use research insights and rapid prototyping to avoid wasted effort

  • Prioritise the changes you can be confident will have the biggest impact
  • Mitigate risks of harm before implementation
  • Navigate quickly to solutions that deliver best outcomes

Case study: How do you help DIY investors to confidently make informed decisions?

Illustration of customer - Build a Consumer Duty culture

3. Build a Consumer Duty culture

Realise the opportunity to thrive, by using behavioural science to develop a customer-centric culture

  • Continuously build consumer empathy and understanding across your firm
  • Reduce conduct risk by driving more customer-centred behaviours
  • Unite commercial and compliance teams in pursuit of good consumer outcomes

From the blog: Build a Consumer Duty culture using behavioural science – some simple steps

Trusted across the sector

  1. Heritage in user research

    cxpartners was founded 18 years ago to bring qualitative research into organisations and it still underpins the work we do today.

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  2. Experts in working with vulnerable customers

    We've designed services for cancer patients, survivors of domestic abuse, and people who have experienced a mental health crisis.

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  3. Specialists in Financial Services design

    Our teams get quickly to the heart of the challenge, channeling the spirit and letter of the Consumer Duty into user research and design.

    The vulnerability challenge

cx helped us build and embed capabilities within our own teams – leading to a great outcome for us and our clients
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Building a consumer duty culture - Some simple steps

12th July 2023 with Ed Smith (FCA) and Jonti Dalal-Small (Sopra Steria)

Policies get ignored and forgotten. If you want your teams to prioritise good customer outcomes long after the implementation deadline has passed, your best bet is to build a healthy consumer-focused culture. Behavioural science can help.

The Consumer Duty – a marathon or a sprint?

24th May 2023 with Stu Charlton (FS Strategy Director, cxpartners)

If we nail the transition to BAU, there’s an upside to this painful regulatory change. To succeed, use the language of customer centricity and continuous improvement rather than compliance.

Our thinking


Embedding the Consumer Duty – how to shift from compliance to continuous improvement

To embed the Consumer Duty into daily operations – to make it a shared responsibility – let’s use the language of customer centricity rather than compliance.

Stu Charlton


Testing consumer understanding

Two weeks ago, my colleague and namesake Stu Charlton hosted a webinar about the Consumer Duty. When he came to the end we expected a broad range of questions around the topics covered. But one area dominated: the consumer understanding outcome.

Stuart Tayler


The trust crisis spells opportunity for financial services

Our recent research confirmed why investing in customer trust is both worthwhile and urgent. It makes your business resilient during turbulent times.

Claire Barrett


Quant data leaves Consumer Duty blindspots

To embed the Consumer Duty firms will need to use both quantitative and qualitative data. Our Experience Director, Tom, shares three short examples to bring that idea to life.

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If the Consumer Duty is the quake, IDD was a tremor

In 2018 the FCA introduced new regulation because too many financial services customers weren't getting the outcomes they should reasonably expect. Sound familiar? Here's what we learned.

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Build a Consumer Duty culture using behavioural science – some simple steps

Financial Services firms must strengthen plans to drive the 'mindset shift' required by the FCA. Our Behavioural Science Lead, Jonti, has designed a workshop to sow the seeds for a thriving Consumer Duty culture.

Jonti Dalal-Small


Don't make identification your main vulnerability strategy

If you want best outcomes for all customers for least cost and risk, lay an inclusive baseline first. Too many firms get this wrong.

Stu Charlton


Beyond Words

The written word dominates how we communicate on the web, but many of us struggle with it. This makes understanding financial services even harder. To improve understanding for all consumers we'll need more than words.

Stuart Tayler


It's time for a different approach to design in financial services

When risk of buyer's remorse is high, getting product selection right requires a different mentality and different tools from the 'don't make me think' approach that most UX follows.

Stu Charlton


50 ways to carry out more inclusive user research

What can you do to ensure your research activity is inclusive? We’ve come up with 50 easy ways that you and your organisation can take on board when conducting more inclusive research in the future.

Chloe Langan

Let's turn obligation into opportunity

We can make the next phase easier and more rewarding.

Contact our FS Strategy Director, Stu Charlton.