Prioritising work in challenging times: Three effective strategies

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As uncertainty becomes the norm, businesses need to do more than survive. They need to thrive. They need to learn how to maintain a competitive edge, even when times are tough.

In our latest research study, we were keen to find out how turbulent environments may affect organisations and their ability to remain customer centric. We knew resources – money, people, time – were likely to be more scarce, and our hypothesis was that prioritisation was going to be key.

But, how do you prioritise when times are tough?

Three strategies for prioritising work

Through our conversations and our survey results, we observed three main strategies for prioritising work. We believe the first strategy should be avoided, and the other two should be considered.


Play it safe

Prioritise work that makes or saves money in the short-term.


Stick to your guns

Keep to your existing priorities by trusting in the original decision making process.


Break it down

Break down work into small, testable chunks, even if it’s an ambitious initiative.

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