The customer centricity advantage

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Every business says they’re customer centric, but our survey shows that 64% have not made the structural changes required to reap the rewards of customer centricity

Faster growth

The companies that scored highest in our customer centricity index grew 9X times faster than their competitors. Why? They’re better at keeping customers and attracting new ones.

More satisfied employees

Customer centric operating models give employees a clear mission, enabling everyone to see how they make a difference. In the battle for talent, a customer centric operating model offers a clear advantage. The lesson? Job purpose builds organisational profit.

More nimble

Organisations with customer centric operating models are faster to adapt. 65% could change business processes within weeks or months, responding quickly and decisively to market shifts. Low maturity organisations (69%) take years to change.

The five
dimensions of
Customer Centricity

Do you have the right skills in house to deliver a great customer experience? Does your organisational structure and culture allow your teams the space to deliver great outcomes for users?


How do you decide what to work on? Do your project processes allow you to focus on customer needs and deliver value efficiently? Do your day to day processes allow customers to receive support from you effectively?


How are strategic decisions made? Are they focused on customers? Can they flex to meet changing needs? Are you using the right metrics to ensure you are customer focused?


Do teams have the right physical and digital tools and space to allow them to deliver a great customer experience?


Does communication within your business enable you to be customer centred? How is strategy communicated around the business? Are different departments or teams aware of how their work impacts the work of other departments and teams?

“The Customer Centricity Model is perfect for providing personalised advice on delivering better experiences for customers.

It gives a thorough assessment of capability, yet it is simple enough that leaders can quickly see where they need to focus.”

Noah Samuels, VP EMEA Go To Market Operations, Google

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