Department for Transport

Find out how cxpartners, Kainos and Clarasys used user-centricity to create a centralised, efficient and modern government-to-business service which has processed over 3 million permit applications since launch.

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Working with SSE Energy Solutions to accelerate their mission and their business through a programme of customer centricity; delivering products to market faster, enabling customer self-serve, and reducing internal costs.

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Hargreaves Lansdown

When Hargreaves Lansdown needed to create an online pension drawdown journey from scratch, user-centred design revealed how to help investors make informed, complicated decisions with confidence.

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Bought by many

Shared, first-hand exposure to user research can have a big impact on your business. A single remote lab changed Bought by Many's strategy towards a key customer segment.

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When most businesses try to be customer centred, they focus on fixing their internal processes. Cigna took a deeper approach and discovered a way to differentiate itself from its competitors.

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By taking a service design approach to Zurich’s printed document issues, we created an innovative solution that is delighting users.

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Our user-centred approach uncovered customers' real problems and showed why so many online supermarkets get it wrong.

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An innovative focus on ethics, honesty and a transparent customer experience delivered dramatic results for the Co-operative Bank.

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Why new tools only work if they fit with the way people actually live.

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How do you reinvigorate a brand? It's less magic than you'd think: first, understand the user and business needs, then design, test and iterate.

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How can a company differentiate and win repeat business in a competitive market? We helped Hertz find out.

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We were asked to review Spotify’s usability, perceived usefulness, delight and general user experience.

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How we helped SACO put digital at the heart of their business and build online revenues.

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We built a world-class in-house UX team for Nationwide Building Society in just three months, by collaborating, innovating and working lean.

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Bristol City Council

We helped Bristol City Council get its service transformation right – and save money – by putting citizens at the heart of its decisions.

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