Evidence Based Compliance

Design brilliant financial products that delight customers and make the Regulator happy.

Do commercial success and compliance feel at odds when it comes to developing your financial products?

It shouldn’t be a tug of war.

Redefine product development

There IS a way to satisfy both regulatory requirements and commercial strategy. We call it Evidence Based Compliance. It's a collaborative design methodology that reveals the sweet spot in financial product design by putting the customer at the heart of the process.

EBC unlocks win-win scenarios for compliance and commerciality. It allows you to create compelling financial propositions that deliver competitive advantage.

Where do your products sit in this matrix?

Benefits across the business

Traditional regulatory assurance can lead to conservative thinking and organisational tension that stifles innovation. Evidence Based Compliance delivers great customer outcomes, aligned teams and more productive businesses.

  1. More compliant

    • Compliance in the spirit, not just the letter of the regulations
    • Rigour that builds a clear rationale and evidence-base
    • The trust and goodwill of the Regulator
  2. Customer centric

    • Design based on true customer insight
    • Improved trust through the sales process
    • Products customers understand, value and buy
  3. More commercial

    • Better, faster, cost-efficient product innovation
    • Explore a wider set of opportunities
    • Improved conversion and sales
Exemplary focus on Regulatory Compliance and customer outcomes through which we also achieved the double-whammy of improving commercial performance.
Thomas Foster, Director of Acquisitions, RAC

Compliance is a process, not a point of view

Treating compliance as a collaborative problem-solving exercise, rather than a barrier to be feared, leads to fast turn-arounds and better business performance.

  1. Evaluate


    • Distill the spirit and letter of the regulation into testable outcomes
    • Validate an existing product or service with customers and reveal the gap
    • Secure internal alignment and an agreed plan
  2. Innovate


    • Reimagine your products and services
    • Understand your customers, bring better products to market
    • With an evidence trail and compliance assured
  3. Embed


    • Evolve your risk management models
    • Build a platform around customer insight
    • Become a truly customer-centred organisation

Meet the EBC experts

We’re a dedicated, 25-strong Financial Services team with a breadth of sector knowledge and product strategy expertise across insurance, wealth and banking.

Mark Hicks

Experience Strategy Director

Stu Charlton

Financial Services lead

Zoe Popperwell

Senior UX Consultant

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