Set your team up for success

We’re living in tough times. For organisations, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to stay strong and resilient. But there are ways to cope. Becoming more customer-centric is just one of them. 

You might be wondering what ‘customer-centric’ means. Because I did when I first heard the term - it sounds like jargon or a made up word. In essence, customer centricity is about putting customers at the centre of decision making and serving customers in all aspects of running the business. This helps you focus on activities that bring value to customers and to your business; helping your organisation to remain both relevant and resilient.

It sounds like a mammoth task and you might not know where to start. But… start small. Start simple. Start with a team.

Establish a team that can advocate for your customers and bring their voice into your organisations. A team that can show the tangible impact that customer insight brings to the business. 

Neil Schwarz, Experience Strategy Director, and I are running a webinar on the 8th November where we will be discussing just that. We’d love for you to join us.

In the session 'Building customer-centric teams', we will provide a guide on how to build a successful customer centric team within your business. Neil and I will walk you through the process from the ground up, sharing insights and examples of how and why making your team customer centred is valuable. 

We’ll cover:
- Laying the foundations for your team
- How to get started
- Growing your scope and team scope

We’ll also be joined by Sarah Blewett - Head of Research at carwow. Sarah will be sharing her experience and expertise on how she built a user research team in her organisation.

To make sure you and your colleagues don’t miss out, join us on at 11am on 8th November. Sign up now.

Riz is a Principal Service Designer with a passion for systems thinking. She loves working on messy, complex problems like designing services to be sustainable and equitable. She’s on a mission to redesign financial services to nurture financial health and democratise financial literacy.