The what, why and how of experience maps

An experience map is a tool that helps our clients understand the experience a customer has with their product or service.

An example experience map
Here's an example experience map

Mapping the experience from a customer perspective helps to identify strategic opportunities, customer pain-points and generate innovative ideas.

Showing how customers think, feel and behave at each stage of their journey is also a powerful way to help organisations prioritise what’s important to their business and customers.

In the last few years here at cxpartners we've refined our experience mapping methodology, and how we work with organisations and people.

We’ve created detailed processes to help us mine research data to uncover breakthrough insights, and we’ve developed how we collaborate with organisations to uncover the most valuable opportunities for improving the customer experience.

We bring together both the customer view and the business view of the experience in order to shape more informed strategic roadmaps.

Niall O’Connor, a consultant in our UX team, has written about how to build an experience map in a post on Medium.

Have you been thinking the time is right to address issues with your service more strategically? An experience map will give you the overview that organisational leaders need to guide successful customer experience strategies.

DJ is an esteemed former member of the cxpartners team.