Lunch and learn: Co-design

Co-design is a powerful technique that brings together users and their needs with the knowledge and experience of business stakeholders. When you're set the task of improving a product or service, co-design can help explore the problem to be solved as well as start to define solutions.

Stavros Garzonis - Co-design: group therapy to bridge the client-user gap - #NUX4 - @stavrosux

At the end of October last year Stavros Garzonis, UX Lead in our London office, presented to the Northern UX Conference on the topic.

His 30-minute talk is an ideal practical guide to the topic, and a great way to spend your lunchbreak.

If you are planning a co-design session, you may find the presentation slides and this practical checklist useful.

DJ is an esteemed former member of the cxpartners team.