How customer centric are you?

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36% of Europe's top companies are highly customer centric.

Are you one of them?

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One simple score.

Find out your level of customer centric maturity, from level 1 to 5. Use it as a basis for improvement.

How does it compare?

Benchmark your score against others in your industry and against others across sectors. Use this to drive a plan of action.

Detailed diagnosis.

Understand where your organisation is strongest and weakest in Governance, Process, People, Facilities, and Communication.

Actionable next steps.

We provide a report with personalised recommendations and simple next steps based on your maturity score.

Get to the next level

Your maturity score will galvanise support to put in place the changes needed to get to the next level.

Considering and involving customers in all key business decisions. Speedy to react to changing user needs and are famous for their customer proposition and experience.


Use customer insight to inform strategic direction. Customer experiences rank highly amongst competitors and updated to meet changing customer needs.


Some solid customer centered practices embeded in delivery processes. Products and services may be usable, but undifferentated within the market.


Use some customer centered techniques to solve particular problems. Engage in limited user research or A/B testing to solve a specific problem.


A business model focused on optimising static process. Customer centric practices like UX and research aren’t fully understood or utilised.

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Multiple choice questions, takes 30 minutes to complete

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