Increasing SACO’s online
revenue by 66%


We helped SACO put digital at the heart of their business and transform their online revenues.

The results: A significant rise in conversion

66% rise in conversions in the 6 months since launch
Approx 40% overall increase in website-related revenue
50% rise in online apartment bookings
The team at cx helped us create clear, concise customer journeys for the new SACO website. Without them, we wouldn’t be seeing the results we are today.
Craig Neilson, Head of Digital, Saco

The challenge: business transformation

Over 18 years SACO had become one of the travel industry’s leading serviced apartment providers, with an enviable portfolio of over 33,000 apartments worldwide.

But if they were to continue to succeed, they knew they needed to put digital at the heart of their business. Why? Because this would continue the process of repositioning their brand as a consumer proposition, improve customer satisfaction, shift revenue online, and ultimately future-proof their operating model.

The project carried significant risk, and it couldn’t afford to fail.

The solution: A customer-first redefined brand

The stakes were high. The changes we were attempting would fundamentally affect the look and experience of the brand. We had to get to know the business inside out; and quickly. That meant starting with understanding the customer; and identifying the commercial, political, and business realities of service delivery at SACO.

We moved rapidly to an iterative design approach: developing concepts, testing with customers, and then refining. The value of the iterative approach was evident throughout the project.

For example, we discovered that the photography being used to represent business customers was unengaging. Details like this undermine trust in the booking process. If the experience was to resonate in the human, authentic manner needed, we had to come up with new guidelines and material that also fitted with their brand. So we introduced a suite of warm, engaging photography which became a key part of the identity. User testing showed it worked.

These kinds of insights and approaches allowed us to diffuse the risks inherent in such a major, transformational project. We knew our designs would work before they went live. The solution delivered was a user-focused, repositioned brand, brought to customers via a new digital platform (in the form of a website) that was a key component in a new way of doing business and driving sales.

Daniel Harris

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