Our most popular blog posts of 2011

This year has been the biggest yet for our blog.

82,000 of you have read our blog generating 220,000 page views. Thank you for your time.

So, without further ado.

Here's the top 10 of 2011

  1. Form design guidelines crib sheet (free download) 15,000 views by Joe. A free guide & template to design bullet-proof web forms. Later republished by our friends at Smashing Magazine.
  2. 3D Wireframes, the future of wireframing today 6,500 views. Our April Fool by Steve.
  3. UK rail tickets are losing travellers money and need redesigning 6,000 by Steve. He strikes forth on his frustration with ticket design.
  4. iPad usability testing - our equipment 3,000 by Walt. We show our iPad testing facilities & offers some testing tips.
  5. An alternative approach to product page design 1,800 by Chris, discussing product page design from an article in .net Magazine.
  6. Three ways to make your wireframes more useful (video) 1,700 by Steve. From his talk at UX Bristol.
  7. iPad app UX testing : Observations from the field 1,500 by James. Highlighting how to user test iPad apps.
  8. A big list of UX KPIs and Metrics 1,400 by Joe. A collection of KPIs from the many projects I've worked on over the years.
  9. An introduction to quiet visual design 1,200 by Chris. Talking about our approach to visual design.
  10. The edge in eCommerce: emotion 1,000 by Joe. Discussing how to sell online using more than price alone.

The big themes you seem interested in are forms, wireframes, iPad and eCommerce.

The biggies

Which naturally leads us to our biggest blog posts of all time.

  1. The myth of the page fold: evidence from user testing: 23,000 this year (now at 190,000 all time) by Joe & Fiz.
  2. Web forms design guidelines: an eyetracking study 16,000 this year (now at 50,000 all time) by Chui Chui

Is there anything you'd like us to blog about in 2012? Let us know in the comments or via @cxpartners on Twitter

Joe is an esteemed former member of the cxpartners team. His articles are still here to enrich us.