cxpartners release Customer Centricity Study

We are absolutely thrilled that today marks the launch of our Customer Centricity Study. Commissioned by Google, it is Europe's most comprehensive CX maturity study with over 100 brands across 8 countries contributing.

What is customer centricity?

Customer centricity is more than having good customer service. It's about the way the entire company runs - from HR, to technology, to product. In essence, we found that customer centric organisations are ones where everyone, from the support agent to the CEO, is constantly asking: “how can we better serve our customers?” However we found that only 36% of organisations are embedding this mindset into their whole operation - and winning the significant rewards.

Our study is based around our Customer Centricity Model, which measures an organisation’s customer centricity across five different dimensions that determine whether they can create great user experiences. These are people, process, governance, facilities and communication. 

The differences in performance between the high and low-scoring customer centric organisations are startling. 

Giles Colborne, CEO and co-founder of cxpartners, said:

“The benefits of customer centricity are clear. Organisations that create a culture, and an operating model that's customer centric are able to tackle the biggest challenges facing business today. How do we reignite growth? How do we attract the best employees? How do we change in a volatile environment?

“Above all, strong customer centricity gives organisations a sense of energy, and purpose. The leaders and managers we spoke to in the most customer centric organisations inspired and empowered their employees - there was a sense of everyone in the organisation being given the opportunity to excel.

“The customer centricity model we've developed is a powerful tool for leaders in any organisation to drive a change towards customer centricity and enjoy the benefits for themselves.”

Matt Brittin, President of EMEA Business & Operations at Google, said:

"We want to help businesses deliver better experiences for their customers. Becoming a customer centred business isn't easy: it requires a systematic focus that needs to be adopted by leadership and baked deep into the organisation's operating model. But, as the research shows today, the results are worth it - as happy customers and fulfilled staff power business growth."

The State of Customer Centricity

The groundbreaking findings from our study can be found in our white paper, The State of Customer Centricity. In it, you’ll see that our research found that customer centric organisations grow faster, have more satisfied employees and are more nimble.

Also in the report, you’ll find five key insights from our study that will help you to answer the question: how can my organisation be more customer centric?

Customer Centricity Assessment 

Alongside the release of the white paper is our Customer Centricity Assessment. It takes 20 minutes and once complete, you’ll be sent a personalised report. In your report you will find your Customer Centricity Score, your benchmark within the industry, and personalised recommendations for how you can improve.  

Feedback on the report: 

“Customer-centricity is a key metric for ePayments. The cxpartners report helped us to highlight new areas of focus and provided invaluable insight on how we compare against others in the market. It is a game-changing report that removed bias and pin-pointed where to invest.”

- Elena Arbuzova, COO ePayments

Our research has shown that the benefits of being a customer centric organisation are clear; faster growth, more satisfied employees and greater agility for change. Start your journey today by downloading our white paper and taking the assessment: 

Daniel heads up the Home & Work team at cxpartners that delivers award winning employee experience and customer experience projects for clients such as Marriott, Hertz, and Google. His expertise is in how Service Design, as an experience-oriented lens on innovation, is becoming a critical factor in delivering competitive business performance.